Savings: DIY Foaming Hand wash for a fraction of the price! (So Easy)

We thought it would be very timely to show our users a trick we have been using to make our own foaming hand soap.  I guess first off we need to step back a bit and explain the why before the how! In a busy household of five including 3 young kids, one of which with special needs we found that the regular bar soap and even the gel type soaps were not being used very effectively. Either the soap would not lather up enough or just slide off the little ones hands. We also found that as most people experience they were always sick (related? We thought so too!). So we tried the switch to a foaming hand soap and were really surprised on they enjoyed washing their hands more and started doing a better job as the lathering part was already done for them.

Now fast forward a year and you can imagine the amount of money we were spending on hand soap and even switching to a dollar store brand wa still expensive. This is until on day we found ourselves out of soap and it was a holiday and most stores were closed! Well while searching the internet we came across a video from BeatTheBush. He did a great job explaining how he did it and we tried it out of necessity as the guests were coming and we were out of soap!

It worked great and we have been using it ever since. We have yet to have to go buy a replacement soap bottle yet as this method uses so little soap.

Oh and by the way the kids have been almost free of those illness’ that plague a young family for over a year and I think proper handwashing plays a big part.

Try it out and let us know how you find it works. Have fun and stay healthy!




(Special thanks toBeatTheBush! Make sure to head over and check his YouTube channel out)