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Listing Your Coupons

Adding your coupon is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. visit the category/area you wish to submit the coupon to then select the "add coupon" option from that category/area
  2. Fill in your coupon and company information and click submit
  3. Sit and wait for the clients to start rolling in!

A few important items to note is that:

  • Any requests placed from an incorrect category will not be added.
  • Please fill out the form completely.
  • All new coupons require approval from our Sales Team.
  • Some categories and sections require a nominal fee to be listed in, the CanadianCoupons sales team will contact you with the details if applicable in your area.

Click Here to add your coupons now.

Thank you,

Sales Team

Sales Representatives Wanted!
This area will be for the sales help wanted page. Could include all the tasks and type of person you are looking for.

Also could include ways to contact you.

Coming Soon!

Advertising with CanadianCoupons is now offering some of its prime advertising space to you! If you currently have a Website, Product or Service you wish to promote we have an advertising program to suit you. We offer a wide range of programs to suit your needs. Please select one of the following programs, fill out the application. Once reviewed we will contact you to discuss any further details

  • Impression Based
    Purchase our impression plan to have your banner shown in our rotation of a set amount of impressions.
  • Click Based
    Purchase our click based plan to have your banner shown until it has been "clicked through" a certain amount of times.
  • Time Based
    Want to purchase an ad spot for a certain period of time with unlimited impressions? This is the program for you.

To take advantage of our incredible introduction program, please contact using our "Contact Us" page. Please ensure to include your company name and website URL and approx. time you would be looking to advertise.

Thank you,
Sales Team

About Us

Canadian coupons was founded in February 2000 in order to supply merchants of all kind the possibility to advertise their ware by offering coupons, promotions or contest to which the general public has been positively responsive.

The Company has shown a constant increase in readership over the past few year, Canadian Coupons also sends monthly Newsletter alerting all subscribers to the latest coupons, our subscribers are now in the thousands, presently mainly in Ontario.

The company will spread its wings to Western Canada this fall and maybe as far as Victoria. In 2005 it will spread to Eastern Canada including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.

Newspaper advertising, Bus Stop advertising and a very large internet campaign is presently underway and more to come. For a limited time only... Take advantage of our incredible introduction program.

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